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AC Shutters are designed to effectively deter forcible entry and maximize energy efficiency. The shutters have interlocking slats and are self locking in the fully closed position. The slats also form an insulating blanket over doors and windows for maximum energy efficiency.

Down in the summer, the shutters block out the hot sun and lock in air conditioning. In the winter months, the insulated slats lock in the heat and allow for partial lighting through special slotted slats - giving complete environmental control at all times. AC Shutters are operated from the inside of a home or business.

There is no need for outside adjustment of the shutter positions in sudden storms or bad weather. Immediate activation gives instant protection, whenever the need may arise. Manual and electric controls are available for effortless operation, even by a child or persons with limited motor control.

A specially designed extruded aluminum box which houses the rolled-up shutter is extremely low profile and very aesthetically pleasing.
Mercury Design Lab